Memory sharing app for those living with Alzheimer's.


Add multiple voice recordings per photograph.

This means that your loved one with Alzheimer’s will be able to hear multiple familiar voices while seeing many recognizable faces. This provides soothing comfort in the mind.


Send email invitations for others to access MemoryGapp

It’s easy to invite friends, family members and acquaintances who may be pictured in a photo to tag their face using MemoryGapp. Just send email invites from a photo within your Album, they’ll install MemoryGapp, register, and gain access to an Inbox of photos ready to be tagged!


Instantly return images to persons living with Alzheimer’s to provide fast relief

Add a frame around your face in an image and add a personal voice recording. Once an image has been saved, it becomes available to the original sender (the assisting family member of the patient with Alzheimer's ) for immediate relief!

  • Mary

    “I can help my grandfather and meanwhile save the voices of my children for later.”

  • Edward

    “I was looking for an app to keep the voices of my parents”

  • Josh

    “I was moved to see the little twinkle in my grandmothers eye when she heard her grandson sing in the app”

  • Ellen

    “My father kept on pushing to hear the voice of his wife”

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